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Is Your Hip Buckling and Catching?

This could be the sign of a torn labrum in your hip. The labrum is a specialized tissue on the rim of your hip socket. The labrum functions as a "bumper" and stabilizer for your hip, allowing it to remain stable while extending its mobility. When torn the hip labrum can become entrapped or displaced causing severe and sudden pain. Sometimes the symptoms are not as dramatic and it may feel as if your hip is slightly "out of place" or as if it needs to be "popped back into place". In general, some rest, activity modification and over-the-counter analgesics is all that is needed. Rarely, when the pain and discomfort interfere with daily activities, surgery may be discussed with your orthopedic surgeon. Fortunately, Arthroscopic Hip Surgery is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure that can take care of such hip problems. This procedure is offered at the Orthopedic Center. Make an appointment to see if you are a candidate.

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